MacChart Pro
Main Features

Real-Time Data
The fastest, most reliable data feed available.

  • Live Streaming prices on Equities (U.S. and Canadian, Futures, Forex Currencies, and Market Indexes).
  • Live Streaming extended market prices.
  • Streaming delayed quotes on all exchanges not selected for real time.
  • Month-to-month agreement, no annual prepayment required.
  • All with unmatched speed and reliability.

Fast, flexible and precise...

Charts analyze an instrument's performance over time and can display their information in either line, bar or candlestick form. The time frame of a chart refers to the amount of time each bar or candle represents. A 5 minute chart in MacChart Pro can cover 2 or 3 weeks of market activity where each point in the chart represents 5 minutes.

  • All securities may be charted in time frames from minutes to monthly.
  • All charts, regardless of time frame, update every time a trade occurs.
  • Daily weekly and monthly charts are available even if you are not connected to the internet, allowing MacChart Pro to function as an end-of-day and intraday charting and analysis source.
  • Clicking on any point in the chart displays the numbers and statistics used to create the chart.
  • Enhance charts with technical-analysis studies, overlays and underlays.
  • Personal preferences such as window size and placement, manually drawn lines, technical-analysis studies and general chart appearance are stored independently for each chart type and time frame.
  • Customize chart coloring, patterns and pen size.

Technical Analysis Studies

• Accumulated Distribution ADX and ADXR
• Andrews Pitchfork • Average True Range
• Bollinger Bands • Block Trade Monitor
Candle Pattern Analysis • Commodity Channel Index
• Computer Generated Trend Lines Directional Movement Index
• Envelope Channel • Exponential Moving Averages
• Fast Stochastics • Fibonacci Arcs
• Fibonacci Fan Lines • Fibonacci Ratios
• Fibonacci Time Lines • Force Index
• Fractals • Gann Angles
• Gann Lines • Keltner Channels
• Linear Regression • MACD Double Line
• MACD Histogram • On Balance Volume
• Parabolics • Percent R
• Rate of Change • Relative Strength Index
• Simple Moving Averages • Slow Stochastics
• Speed Lines • StochRSI
• Three Ring Reversals • Trendsetter Movement Index
• Trendsetter Strength Index • Trident
• TRIX • True Range Oscillator
• Ultimate Oscillator • Volume Accumulation
• Volume Bars • Weighted Moving Averages

Custom Layouts

Custom layouts store symbols, chart types, analytics, window placement and size for multiple charts. To create them, configure the charts the way you want them then select Save Layout and give the layout a unique name. To use them, select Use Layout and pick the layout you want. You create and use as many layouts as you want.

Chart Suite

Our Chart Suite feature is the same as a layout except it does not pertain to any symbol. To use this feature, simply select a symbol then select Chart Suite. You can easily redefine the chart suite definition as many times as you want.

Market Pulse Reports

The Market Pulse windows can display over 75 pages of statistical indicators from all the major exchanges. It includes most actives, new highs/lows, most up/down in value, option statistics, index statistics, currency and futures' markets and much, much more. Simple to use set up dialogs let you decide which reports you receive.

Trade Tracking and Alerts

Our trade tracking includes profit (or loss) since the position was opened, current intraday profits, best intraday profits and position value, all updating live, as the market moves. Selectable audio/visual alarms are triggered whenever our DayTrader - or your own - buy/sell points are touched or exceeded.

Time Saving Flexibility

  • Install, set up and receive live quotes in less than 5 minutes
  • Works in the background while you're using browsers, spreadsheets and other software.
  • Automatic, timed operations when you are away or choose to sleep-in.
  • Automatic storage of alerts, manually drawn lines and other personal preferences.
  • Virtually every program default can be reset and remembered.
  • Drag and drop quote monitor columns let you change the focal point of live quotes.
  • Sort your quote list instantly over 20 ways at the click of the mouse.
  • Work offline for end-of-day analysis.

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