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Making You Master of the Stock Market

Take Control...
MacChart is the perfect tool for anyone seeking to increase their technical analysis know-how. Understanding past performance will help you generate a higher return in the stock market. Classic charting combined with dozens of advanced technicals in an easy to use, easy to learn, super-fast interface makes MacChart the perfect technical analysis tool for everyone from novice to pro. Use MacChart to analyze current stock market trends and take control of your investments.

A Wealth of Valuable Features
Precision charts, proven technical analysis tools from respected stock market experts, live alerts, trade tracking, real-time streaming news and quotes... all offered by MacChart.

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Quote Display, Headlines, Multiple Charts and Personalized Ticker Tape.
Each chart also contains its own single symbol ticker tape.
All charts update with each reported trade regardless of time frame.

Here's What MacCentral Said About MacChart...

"Let your Mac tackle Wall Street with charting program"
by MacCentral Staff

If you're thinking of investing in Apple, or any of other various high-tech stocks, you'll find the aid of a charting and analysis program very helpful for predicting projected stock prices and analyzing current market trends. MacChart provides just such a solution.

There are a plethora of charting options available available in MacChart. For instance, Stochastics measures the momentum of price movement for a given stock. Weakening momentum can point to an impending decrease in stock value.

MacChart is very well documented and can be easily learned by novice and expert investors alike.

The Sophisticated Simplicity You Need
No other program with this much power and sophistication has ever been this easy to set up and use and...MacChart is truly affordable.

Easy to use, fast, reliable and precise, everything you'd expect from a package developed exclusively for the Macintosh. Whatever trading objectives you'd like to reach, MacChart puts them firmly within your grasp


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